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    when you’re multiplying the 2 by the (1+2), that is foiling. foiling is considered multiplication, it’s not within the...
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    I think it should be 1. 6 all over 2(1+2) since the Parenthesis is located beside 2. so… 6/2(3) not 6/2*3 Just my two...
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    It’s 9. 2+1 is three, and 6:2 is three, then you multiply 3•3 and you get 9. Show me how you could ever get 1 to this...
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    Son of a bitch. I told AJ De La Garza the answer was 1 and he said 9.
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    Wrong. The answer cannot be either/or. The real answer is 9. There is something in math called Order of Operations or...
  8. ode-to-psyche said: 9. »> 6:2*3=3*3=9. First we calculate the numbers in the parentheses and then we perform all the multiplications and divisions from left to right. Finally, we calculate the additions and subtractions.
  9. megustahuevos said: 9. Add first because it’s in parentheses, 6/2*3. Multiplication and division are on the same order of operation, so going left to right, 9. PEMDAS is incorrect; MD are the same, AS are the same.
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    6 divided by 2 times 3 equals 9. You don’t do multiplication before division; you do multiplication and division before...
  11. ernestsewell said: 9.
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    Parentheses first, so we get: 6÷2(3) Which is the same as: 6÷2×3 Multiplication goes before division, so we get: 6÷6...
  13. andryushacx said: PMDAS. The answer is 1.
  14. automatonoverride said: The answer is 1. Order of operations in arithmetic always goes pmdas (parenthesis, multiply, divide, add, subtract).
  15. johnnyprince said: 9
  16. anarchei said: If the brackets are done first, which they should, then the answer is 1. If this rule is ignored, then the division is done first and the answer is 9. The only debate here is about whether the rule should apply. It always applies, the answer is 1.
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