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  1. gierlichmypussy reblogged this from thinksquad and added:
    My dad get so many haters but he’s really good at handling it. I commend you on your strength. I hope I inherit that.
  2. tumbleweeddreams said: LOL. Did I mention how thin-skinned he is, too? Like a teenage girl. ROFL. Good job, thinksquad. You’re a real winner.
  3. iambinarymind said: dick (noun): A male person. / ass (noun): Any of several species of horse-like animals || So, to clarify: “thinksquad: The biggest male person on Tumblr. What a horse-like animal.” Sounds like tumbleweeddreams finds you to be quite the stallion!
  4. priceofliberty said: Lol its tumbleweeddreams, he’s a troll
  5. chrisriveraftw said: tumbleweeddreams strikes again with his highly enlightened and elaborate arguments!
  6. vincenzof said: Who would you have to follow for ThinkSquad to be the biggest dick? Wow… That must be some list…
  7. thinksquad posted this
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