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A while back, I would have given you facts to support my beliefs in a stateless society, but that never works. The notion that we should,”let the facts speak for themselves.” is foolish belief. The reason why facts don’t work is because of emotion. For most people, the reason why they believe, in abortion, or not, more or less gun control, for or against the death penalty, for or against the war, Gay rights, feminist rights, who should or should not be allowed to marry, how to help the poor, religious freedoms, immigration reform, or any slew of things you believe, are all based on emotion. Things that happened to you in your life, had an emotional affect on your beliefs.

We love to think that if we just show them the facts that they will think just like me. Like if it was a math equation, if they only knew quadratic equations, or how to find the circumference of a circle, then they would get everything I believe. If I ask you facts, what is Saturn? Where is Waco Texas, Who is the President of the United States, How does a liquid, turn to a gas? Those are just factual based question. We draw conclusions to support our emotions from facts. You can see it in the questions people ask you, How do you FEEL about abortion? In my expert opinion, I FEEL…. Whenever you have someone who dislikes drones, or the war, you might see images of dead bodies, children maimed or wounded, casualties of war. Those are emotional images. People that are against abortion will show images of babies, mostly happy babies, few show dead fetuses, but in either case, they try to draw you in upon emotion. Stay on tumblr’s political realm long enough and no matter what you blog or reblog, there will be someone who will dislike whatever it is you are dishing out. This dislike, grounded in emotion. I can ask you to study, Epistemology, or Principles VS Pragmatism, or any host of reason and evidence based methods of acquiring and validating knowledge, but the fact is your emotions validate more of your understanding then so-called evidence does.

When I was in college, in debate class, the first day we had to write down all the things we believed. you would check whether you were for or against abortion, Democrat or republican, Religious or Atheist, Was Gun Control good or bad, and so on and so forth. It was about 2 pages worth of quick questions. When you were done you turned it in. Then later on you find out that the teacher wanted to know where you stood on any given topic to ask you to defend just the exact opposite belief and doing so convincing enough to sway opinion. Many people have a hard time, thinking outside their own beliefs. The people who sold it with emotion usually won. Attorneys use emotion in cases. Sales people, use emotion, “If you were my friend, I would tell you to buy…” You see politician, tug on emotions, with stories. I work for the people like Jim who back in Michigan, at a automobile plant, well, Jim works to provide for his wife, Betty, and his three kids, Tina, Johnny, and Julie… We connect with emotion.

I do not know you and you don’t know me, these are just words, and like I said facts on a screen are meaningless without the emotional ties that bind them.

I will leave you with this, Pragmatism, eschews any hope of discovering ultimate truth. It is skeptical with respect to objective principles of righteousness and defines truth as “that which works.” In this philosophy, the end always justifies the means. The driving force behind decisions within the scope of pragmatism is the force of expediency.
Spanking is okay, (it’s easier to spank a child then to teach a child) War is justified ( Killing “those” people is much easier they reasoning with people), Redistribution of wealth is ok (because it’s much easier to steal from people then teach ways to create opportunities) , and on and on. Politician live in a pragmatic world, and the people who follow them, follow the whims of pragmatism.

Principles. Principles are fundamental truths or ideas to guide people’s thought and action. But, properly understood, principles are not purposeless rules or contextless absolutes; rather, they are purpose-oriented tools that are properly applied with respect to the context of a given situation. To apply a principle correctly, one must recognize the purpose of the action in question, and one must apply the principle with respect to both that purpose and the surrounding facts.

Most of us will agree that the initiation of violence is wrong. Which includes stealing, or rape, or wanting to harm others. If that is your Principle, then any action that goes against this principle is wrong.

Can we have roads and schools and healthcare, without initiating violence?

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