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Anonymous asked:

Why don't more people riot in America?

It’s sort of bred out of us, we are slacktivist. Now we will camp on public property, calling it occupy. Now we do riot when our favorite sports team loses and/or wins a major event. Every April 15, the government steals money legally from it’s citizens, and we are all very much okay with it. We are so okay with the theft, that when some people or business find ways to not pay the Vig, others will see this as cheating the process. Like if we all were being robbed at a diner and the thieves, took everyone’s wallet, watch, and phone, and didn’t take anything from you. So now I am pissed you someone got away unscathed. We breed conformity, and we are told the only way try fix it is with our vote.

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  1. whoisjohngalt25 said: Can you make this rebloggable please? I love your answer <3
  2. the-altar said: Because we’re comfortable.
  3. raw-r-evolution said: indeed
  4. thefreelioness said: we riot on black fridays and sports events. well said.
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