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To celebrate your freedom over this long Independence Day weekend the government is going to illegally impede your right to travel by setting up checkpoints across the state. The TN Department of Homeland Security will be blocking roads, stopping traffic, unlawfully searching you, and forcing blood/DNA samples from you!

These “no refusal” checkpoints consist of the government holding you down, forcibly drawing your blood, and storing your DNA in their database, all without your consent.

If you think you have nothing to worry about, keep in mind that TN DUI Officers have in the past have been warned to arrest more people “or else” which means they have every incentive to meet their quota. Once your blood and DNA is forcibly extracted from you it gets stored in a government database.

Here is the official release from the TN government -

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    Yet another state I will make a point to never visit or drive through.
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    BLOOD??? What if you’re terrified of needles? I dont need my DNA in a database. Creepy ass shit.
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    Lol, they take DNA when you are born and have been for decades.
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    The fuck is this. Glad I don’t live over the pond. Nightmare material.
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    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Sci-Fi Horror is becoming reality, and could potentially ensnare my friends and family!
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    Oh it’s just big brother ….
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    Not. f-ing. acceptable.
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    Get real. This is a load of horse crap. Why? Because police are only allowed to forcibly do a blood test if you refuse...
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