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Day 5: Photo of your favorite political book. Share the best thing it taught you.

It is about Man Against the State, individuality, and Thoreau’s philosophy of how one man can stand up to government and society, driven by his own convictions of right and wrong, as summarized by the timeless quote "Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one already".

Thoreau’s main point is that the best - and many times, the only - method for fighting injustice is through passive disobedience. By refusing to cooperate with the machinery of injustice, the individual can become the friction that stops the machine. Active resistance is bound for failure, as the machine (the State, society, etc.) is too formidable for the individual to fight. But, by refusing to cooperate, justice can be achieved and injustice toppled.

Arguably, the strongest idea Thoreau presents, is the notion of individualism. Thoreau encourages skepticism of the government and rejects blind loyalty to it. Thoreau perceives citizens, who give blind loyalty to their government’s decisions without questioning them, as participants in every injustice committed by that government. Whether this point of view is correct or not, it is worth debating, especially in view of the horrific injustices that are extant in today’s world and the way the masses so easily accept them without considering the negative impact on others.

For my anon haters, I do realize this is an essay, and collection of a few of his writings. But as I wrote before this is about what got me to start to open my mind to the ideas of free people VS government. I saw this in “book” format laying at Barnes and Noble, and I read it right there.

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