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    Who said there would be a test *after* college?!(said the philosophy major who dropped out when he grabbed a job)
  3. solobuggmaster said: So if someone without a degree took this test and passed with flying colors would that make them graduate level?
  4. letmefrolic said: No. Though if you were looking for job skills I have to wonder why did you go to university when a votech school would of been remarkably cheaper. Also you would have graduated with ‘skills’.
  5. stab-in-the-eye said: Not at all
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    Of course. Five years of experience isn’t as good as a college course, but a college course is no where near as good as...
  7. brief12h said: Corporations/employers have their own tests and means of weeding out people plus this doesn’t mean they’d pick the ‘smartest’ person when they could be looking for some minimal function worker…
  8. libertariantaoist said: I think a better phrase than “prepares graduates for the real world” is “enslaves to a shit load of debt that becomes increasingly unlikely that they will ever have the ability to pay off.”
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