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Johnny Jarriel was an assistant manager at the Circle K on Highway 5 until he tried to defend himself last Saturday morning.

Store security video, provided by the Douglas County Sheriff Department, shows him working in a back office just after 9 am when a robber suddenly pepper sprays him from behind, pulls out a pistol, slams him to the floor and puts the gun to his head.

Jarriel said when he told the robber the safe was up front and the robber turned his back, he pulled out his own pistol from his pants pocket and fired several shots at his attacker.

The apparently uninjured robber took off like a scared rabbit and is still on the loose.

Jarriel said Circle K suspended him right after the Saturday morning robbery and then gave him a firing notice Thursday for violating its company policy against guns on the property.

Jarriel has a Georgia Weapons Carry License and the sheriff department said he had a legal right to defend himself.

But under Georgia law the employer also had a right to fire him for violating company policy.

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    If they fired you for surviving, then they don’t deserve your employment.
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    "It is better to be tried by 12 of your peers than to be carried by 6 pallbears." My adviser/professor who is a retired...
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    This clerk is alive due to his actions and can apply for another job at another business. His family still get to see...
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    ~ Typical of a weak corporate structure that puts fear of law suits above it’s employee safety and makes criminals the...
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    It kills me when people say shit like “I can’t take my gun in there or I could get in trouble.” Motherfucker…what...
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  23. itsjustmesonoworries said: Probably a liability issue with the fucking way courts rule in this country … Not to be an apologist
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    Stupid company rule but they have the right to have stupid rules. Good for Jarriel. Saved his own life and saved his...
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