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JP Morgan Chase, the biggest bank in the US, is facing another multi-billion dollar fine, this time deriving from its involvement with notorious Ponzi scheme fraudster Bernard Madoff.

The bank has tentatively agreed to pay $2bn to settle allegations it failed to inform US authorities of the jailed fraudsters suspicious activity, according to people familiar with negotiations. A settlement deal with the Justice Department could come as early as next week. The bank declined to comment.

Madoff was arrested at his Manhattan penthouse five years ago this week after his $20bn scam came to light. JP Morgan was his bank for two decades and the US authorities suspect it continued to service his business even as it suspected something was wrong.

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    This country is so fixed
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    I’d have made them pay all the loses.
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    20 billion to JP Morgan ain’t shit though. They just found a scapegoat
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    Being prosecuted for running a Ponzi scheme by the guys who currently run one of the greatest Ponzi schemes in human...
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