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Report: Verizon Claimed Public Utility Status To Get Government Perks

"Research for the Public Utility Law Project (PULP) has been released which details 'how Verizon deliberately moves back and forth between regulatory regimes, classifying its infrastructure either like a heavily regulated telephone network or a deregulated information service depending on its needs. The chicanery has allowed Verizon to raise telephone rates, all the while missing commitments for high-speed internet deployment’ (PDF). In short, Verizon pushed for the government to give it common carrier privileges under Title II in order to build out its fiber network with tax-payer money. Result: increased service rates on telephone users to subsidize Verizon’s ‘infrastructure investment.’ When it comes to regulations on Verizon’s fiber network, however, Verizon has been pushing the government to classify its services as that of information only — i.e., beyond Title II. Verizon has made about $4.4 billion in additional revenue in New York City alone, ‘money that’s funneled directly from a Title II service to an array of services that currently lie beyond Title II’s reach.’ And it’s all legal. An attorney at advocacy group Public Knowledge said it best: ‘To expect that you can come in and use public infrastructure and funds to build a network and then be free of any regulation is absurd….When Verizon itself is describing these activities as a Title II common carrier, how can the FCC look at broadband internet and continue acting as though it’s not a telecommunication network?’”


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    Juking the system. Regulated when it helps them, deregulated when it doesn’t.
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