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There’s this myth that people believe, that the way to honor the deaths of so many millions of soldiers; that the way to honor them is to say that we achieved some tangible, positive, good out of their deaths.

We can try and rescue some positive and forward momentum of human progress, of human virtue from these hundreds of millions of deaths - but we can’t do it by pretending that they died to set us free, because we are far less free now then we were before these slaughters began. These people did not die to set us free. They did not die fighting any enemy other than the ones that the previous deaths created.

Stefan Molyneux
All I say is: Fuck where we end up, we don’t control that. Fuck where the people listen to us, we don’t control that. The only thing that we control is the power, and the intensity, and the focus, and the reason, and the evidence, and the passion that we bring to this calling. That’s is all that we can control. The vulnerability of wanting the world to get better is a terrifying place to be at times. the vulnerability of having children and needing the world to get better. I am so embarrassed to introduce this planet to my daughter. This planet better shape the fuck up, before I have to introduce it to my daughter, because I don’t want to have to describe the shit that goes down in this world to my daughter. Its an embarrassment. It is an embarrassment to have to describe war. It is an embarrassment to have to describe the prison industrial complex. It is an embarrassment to describe why she is not going to the public school down on the corner. It is an embarrassment to describe national debt, what has been done to her before she was even born. This world better shape the fuck up, so I can introduce it properly to my daughter and I’m going to do everything that I can to help that along with the full knowledge that there is absolutely nothing I can do to affect it.
Stefan Molyneux
The challenge of raising virtuous children is further compounded by society’s distinct hostility toward rational values. The price to be paid for exercising reason and virtue in the modern world can be extraordinarily high, which means that we have to teach our children prudence and avoidance as well as courage and virtue. The truth, we must sadly tell them, is not a sword to be drawn at all costs, because sometimes the dragons are much bigger than we are.
Stefan Molyneux
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